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We are experts at capturing the moment.

The innate spirit of challenge that bikers bring to the world is the inspiration for the production company rpm films. This is our origin, the spirit with which we produce our films.

Back in the day, when motorcycle commercials were few and far between, as a motorcycle fan, I felt 
compelled to convey through film just how much pleasure biking brings. I wanted to convey how cool motorcycles are, their technical beauty, to as many people as possible. This ‘biker's passion’ was the genesis.

From there, motorcycle manufacturers, technical film crew members, and production staff gradually came together, united in their passion, to explore the most effective way of showing the appeal of the motorcycle. The result has been the creation of our many films to date. Because we all shared a vision, a new genre was created. Thus was rpm films born.<br />
Times are constantly changing, and the atmosphere around the car and motorcycle industries has changed dramatically. It is no longer sufficient to show how aesthetically pleasing and cool a motorcycle looks. Now we must focus attention on a motorcycle's environmentally friendly functionality.<br />
We do not, however, believe that simple, useful features are enough to capture people's hearts. It's the joy of riding and freedom that cars and motorcycles provide, together with the functional beauty that results from the cutting edge technology that has been incorporated as the machines have evolved.<br />
By pursuing the true appeal of cars and motorcycles, we can catch people's hearts, and create films of exceptionally high quality.<br />
rpm films continues to lead the pack with our specialist film techniques, our production experience, and our network of people. With this strong foundation, we will continue to drive our vision forward, as a 
professional commercial film production company whose aim is to breathe life into our client's feelings through film.


Company name:
rpm films
14 August 2001
President and Representative Director:
Harutsugu Ono
4F, Minshudo Bldg, 3-9-1 Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL. +81- (0)3-3537-8097
FAX. +81- (0)3-3551-3308
Business Overview:
(1) Planning and film production of corporate events, tv commercials, and web.
(2) Planning and film production for motorcycle and automobile promotional and motorsports footage.
(3) Development, production, and sales of special effects film photography and special effects film equipment for motorcycles and vehicles.
(4) Planning and filming for magazines and advertisements.


Harutsugu Ono

Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Graduated in Visual Concept Planning, Osaka University of Arts
Joined a production company as production staff, then moved into the film division as
an Assistant Cameraman, filming motorsports all over the world.
Filmed the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1987 for 10 years running.
Filmed numerous motorcycle races including Grand Prix and WRC.
Filmed the Paris Dakar Rally as an NHK Special cameraman.
As the sole Japanese TV crew member, rode the whole course with the press car.
Established rpm films.


The film production flow may differ based on the materials used in production and the desired end result.
By translating the client requests into a comprehensive production flow, we continuously strive to make films of the highest quality.

Typical Production Process

rpm films' strengths

  • Deep understanding of the product - as deep as the client's.Constantly exploring new film techniques and new ways of working to produce the most effective content.
  • Rich experience in cinematography and production techniques.Extensive knowledge of filming locations combined with a widespread network of location companies both nationally and overseas, enabling us to propose the best filming and production methods to perfectly fit the client's needs.
  • Specialized film equipment to produce cutting-edge content.In addition to possessing equipment for general needs, we create and modify our own specialized film equipment to create premier footage of 'extreme sports' such as motorsports.
  • Our extensive network.Our staff pride themselves on being able to effectively convey the client's vision onto film. We have a large network of professionals who can satisfy a wide range of needs.

rpm's rules of the road

Filming permission is imperative.

We constantly strive to ensure that the shoot goes safely, without mishap, and take care to obtain road permits from the police authorities, and when possible inform residents near the location in advance. This level of attention fortifies our trust relationship with the client.

Only the real deal will convey the joy of riding.

For example, during auditions for automotive or motorbike films, actors are required to wear helmets and gloves, and their performance is checked by directors and staff, who are riders themselves.

Client requests are clearly defined, and our production staff play an important role in supporting the director.

The offline edit is scrutinized to ensure that the client's requests and the actual content don't drift apart during the post-production process, and we care as much about the edit as the shooting in order to produce the best final cut. We believe that during this process, the role of the production staff is vital to facilitate smooth communication between the client and the director.

We make sure that the shoot takes place with the proper safety precautions, and find the best locations to show the product to its full potential.

We scout locations to recommend the best setting. For example, to obtain a dynamic shot of a motorbike on a winding road somewhere overseas, we will consider not just the beauty of the location, but other important factors such as cost and the relationship with the overseas coordination crew before making the final decision.